Board of Advisors.

WILLSHIRE current Board of Advisors

(2015 - Present)
Peter L. Roesner I

Member Advisors
(2015 - Present)
David B. Roesner
Juan "JJ" Roesner
George Rodgers
(2018 - Present)
Tom Goff, Wouter Ollevier

The Advisory Board is selected by the Willshire Board of Directors.

Willshire is headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana where its primary operations and distribution business for the USA and Canada is conducted, and in 2015 launched a joint venture project in Belgium.

Fort Wayne operations include a 12,000 square foot production and distribution facilty and a smaller custom laser production and distribution facility. Additonally, subsidiary brands utilize 3rd party warehouses for fullfillment and distribtuion throughout the USA and Canada.


Willshire will continue to seek new brands and acquistions, by utilizing its entrepreneurial spirit and sense of adventure. Willshire operates multple international consumer and business-to-business ecommerce brands. These products are imported from, and exported to, many countries around the world.